Eyes are the most complicated organ. At LensCrafters, a brand that truly loves eyes, we are dedicated to providing a comprehensive vision care service to take care of all your needs. We excite consumers by setting the new service benchmark with the introduction of world-class optometric equipment. You may now discover the customized lens prescription benefits in a timely manner with our unique AccuFit® Digital Measurement System in Hong Kong's optical industry.

Precise Measurement

An accurate prescription is just the beginning. Properly fitted frames and lenses are equally essential to helping you see better with comfort. In the past, we could only rely on manual measurements by technicians. With AccuFit® exclusively brought to you by LensCrafters, the digital scanning system that measures 5 times more precisely than traditional methods*, down to 0.1mm. It locates your pupils and spacing of our eyes relative to your frames and enables us to craft your personalized prescription eyeglasses.

Virtual Try-on

Could you see what you look like in new frames if you are not wearing your eyeglasses? AccuFit® System captures your image from different angles while you are trying on frames. Once you put your own eyeglasses back on, you can examine the photos side-by-side and select a style with confidence.

Lens Simulator

From special coatings and tints to high definition lens technologies, there is a lot to consider when choosing a lens. Fortunately, AccuFit® lets you experience the benefits of different lenses virtually so you can determine which ones will work best for you.