Professional Vision Care

Your eyes say so much. We are dedicated to providing a comprehensive vision care service to take care of all your needs. In striving to further enhance professional standards, we also do all we can to bring you world-class optometric equipment and services by means of our 520 Professional Eye Examination and Vision Care Centers that help detect and stop vision-related problems. Your eye care is in the very best hands at LensCrafters because of the passion and care our optometrists put into every eye examination they give, ensuring the absolute best for you.

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5 Steps Professional Eye Examination

520 is more than a number! Our professional ocular health examination gives your eyes loving care on so many different levels!

Experienced Optometrists

We believe in people development while we keep on opening the eyes of our team of professional registered optometrist graduates from HKPU with state-of-the-art technology and international service level. Stanley Chan, Regional Optometric Practice Manager said: "Our optometrists are passionate about the quality of your eyesight and your general health for prescription of your personalized eyeglasses."

With a series of unique, digital optometric equipment at LensCrafters Vision Care Center in K11, TST and Time Square, Causeway Bay, you could now undergo a thorough, comprehensive vision care assessment in just a few simple steps. The best way to safeguard your priceless eyesight is to detect the earliest signs of sight threatening diseases at the initial stage with regular check-ups!

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