520 Professional Eye Examination

Your eyes are the window to your soul!
Each one witnesses just how wonderful life can be by capturing images and enabling us to drink in every magic moment.

Our eyes are how we first experience life’s most touching memories, so give them the comprehensive professional care they deserve.

Your friendly eye care expert, LensCrafters, makes it easier than ever to safeguard your and your loved ones’ ocular health. LensCrafters loves eyes!

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5 Steps Professional Eye Examination


History Taking
We make detailed enquiries about your ocular pathology and general health as well as your visual and lens usage habits.
Refractive Error Assessment
Our comprehensive refractive error and corneal curvature tests help establish your ideal eyeglass prescription.
Ocular Health Assessment
In addition to extensive external and internal ocular health checks, our full visual function tests identify potential eye problems through advanced slit-lamp and retinal examinations. No one does more to evaluate your and your loved ones 'eyes' internal and external ocular health and enable immediate treatment than LensCrafters!
Intra Ocular Pressure Measurement
We screen for glaucoma and help detect this "thief of sight" at an early stage before it's too late.
Professional Diagosis & Recommendation
Leveraging the results of our in-depth ocular health tests, our optometrists will tailor you a customized personal visual care solution.
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2 Levels Sight Assessment


Safeguard your and your loved ones’ visual clarity with our professional lens prescriptions and pamper your ocular health needs with our intensive care!

No Boundary to Top Quality Vision Care


Enjoy privileged specialist vision care consultation services that free our professional optometric experts from limiting boundaries!