Comprehensive After-sales Services

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

  • Eyewear in its original condition can be returned for a full refund within 30 days of purchase (handover). Please ask our staff for details of the refund process.

Comprehensive 60-Day Prescription Guarantee

  • If new prescription lenses cause you any discomfort, we will provide a second free eye examination and if necessary a complimentary replacement within 60 days of purchase(handover).

1-Year Breakage Protection Guarantee

  • If you accidentally damage your prescription sunglasses / optical glasses within 1 year of purchase(handover), we will offer you an identical pair at 50% off the current retail price.

2-Year Frame /1-Year Lens Manufacturing Defect Guarantee

  • If any manufacturing defects are found on frame within 2 years of purchase(handover), or on lens within 1 year of purchase(handover), we will repair or replace without additional charge. Accidental damage and misuse are excluded.

Unlimited Free Cleaning and Adjustment Service

  • Please visit any of our stores for complimentary eyewear cleaning and adjustment.

For any question, please contact our staff at any store or customer service hotline at (852)23438223.