According to a World Health Organization report, 733 million adults and children worldwide suffer from problems with their vision simply because they lack basic eye care education or lack the resources to pay for the right treatment. In some countries, a pair of eyewear costs more than a month's salary. Poor vision negatively affects a child's ability to learn in school and robs an adult of independence, mobility and quality of life.

OneSight is a foundation established by Luxottica Group with the mission of promoting eye care. It is a public non-profit organization providing sustainable access to quality vision care and eyewear in underserved communities worldwide. Since 1988, OneSight has engaged thousands of skilled volunteers to hand-deliver the gift of sight to more than eight million people in 40 countries. OneSight has also granted millions to fund optical research and education.

Every year, OneSight volunteers give the gift of sight around the globe through the following projects:

  • Global Eye Care:
    OneSight volunteers travel to developing countries to hand-deliver much needed, free eye care and eyewear through temporary Optical Clinics.
  • Regional Eye Care:
    OneSight volunteers provide free eye care and new eyewear to those in needs in our regions through temporary Optical Clinics and Vision Vans
  • Community Eye Care:
    OneSight volunteers help patients in our local communities through instore and outreach programs.
  • Research & Education:
    OneSight supports the research of eye health issues on a global basis. It also helps nurture the next generation of optometry professionals through a scholarship fund.


OneSight sees a world where clear vision is a reality for everyone


OneSight exists to restore and preserve the vision of 733 million needy adults and children who cannot afford basic eye care.

OneSight Global Eye Care

Each year, OneSight's trained volunteers and doctors travel around the world to hand-deliver free primary vision care and eyewear to thousands of adults and children in need. Patients receive a thorough optical exam by licensed eye doctors and eyewear is dispensed. To provide the best quality, complete care, we also partner with local ophthalmologists or international doctor outreach organizations to perform optical surgery for those patients referred from our Clinics.

By now, OneSight has conducted more than 200 clinics in 37 developing countries, improving the eyesight and lives of more than 3.5 million individuals.

OneSight in Greater China

As the retailer of Luxottica Group in Greater China, LensCrafters has been a leading advocate of OneSight in the region ever since entering the market in 2006. After understanding the vision needs of the Chinese demographic, LensCrafters decided to focus its eye care efforts on migrant schools and local poor communities.

Apart from encouraging its employees to participate in the activities of OneSight's Clinics worldwide, LensCrafters also provides free eye care service and eyewear for the disadvantaged communities in cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong, Shaanxi and Hong Kong annually.

Since 2012, LensCrafters has worked with Rural Education Action Program (REAP) launch the largest vision care policy experiment “Seeing is Learning” to hand-deliver free eyewear and care to primary school students living in rural areas of Shaanxi and Gansu provinces, to restore and preserve the vision of those who cannot afford basic eye care. Results are communicated to government bodies in hopes of raising awareness of children's eye care at the provincial and national levels.