Luxottica Group

  • A professional eyewear manufacturer and retailer with a worldwide presence. It was founded by Mr. Leonardo Del Vecchio in the fashion capital of Milan.
  • The Group’s production plants are found throughout the world, with Turin, Venice and Milan being three of the key locations. At the same time, it owns global distribution network – North America, Australia, Europe, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore are just some of the countries and regions where you will find Luxottica products.
  • Luxottica Group brings you an extravaganza of luxury and style by rounding up some of the world’s top eyewear brands such as Ray-Ban, Oakley, Vogue, Bulgari, Burberry , each with their own unique charm. Up to 75 million pairs of glasses and sunglasses are manufactured every year, while 143 pairs are sold every minute by retailers around the world, signifying that more and more people are being drawn by Luxottica’s professionalism. The Group’s first-rate specialized services and keen eye for fashion offer customers a luxurious and comprehensive optical experience which values their needs above all else.